What is Mrs. K's Math Cram?

What is Mrs. K's Math Cram?

We provide an ever-growing collection of Cram videos and studysheets to help you excel on your upcoming ACT or SAT.

Using methods she has spent decades refining, Mrs. K provides you with the ability to recognize and provide direct solutions to those tricky math problems.

We are dedicated to providing you with a full understanding of the world of math from junior high through early college.

Your one-stop-shop for increasing your ACT scores!

Mathcram Videos designed to prepare you for the ACT

  • average 15 minutes long
  • each provide 8 hand-crafted problems and direct solutions
  • give helpful tips and tricks to make the problems easier
  • reveal the secrets to solving these problems quickly, correctly, and with ease

And there's even more!

5-15 minute problem solving videos

  • algebra
  • geometry
  • trigometry
  • and more!

studysheets filled with tips and formulas

  • fraction rules
  • system of equations
  • formulas for all subjects
  • and much much more!

content updated reguarly

  • new videos every week
  • Let Mrs. K be your personal, on demand, tutor for all your math questions

Meet Mrs. K
Mrs. K

My name is Suzy Kruckenberg, commonly known as Mrs. K. This year marks my 32nd year as a high school math teacher. During my career, I have taught 7th-grade math through pre-calculus. In addition to teaching high school, I also have ten years’ experience as an instructor of the 00 level and 0 level college math classes, as well as college algebra. I was fortunate to be a part of a team that led professional development math workshops for middle school math teachers across Oklahoma. Our focus was to prepare these teachers to take the Middle School Math certification test. I have been a member of several State Department of Education committees where we determined the four levels of achievement for the state assessments and also reviewed the questions for the geometry and algebra state assessments.

Working as a personal tutor has been one of my most rewarding experiences. Conversing one-on-one with a student has helped me understand how teenagers think about problems. Because of these conversations, I have learned how to explain math at their level. Many times, I can predict an error a student might make before they get very far in a problem. My lessons incorporate this knowledge, warning students of possible mistakes before they even have a chance to make them.

In previous years, I conducted in-person ACT Math Crams where I explained 30 to 35 problems during an evening session. Many students who attended these classes reported an increase in their ACT math score of four points or more. Mrs. K’s Math Cram would like to bring these sessions right to your household, accessible at any time.




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